Bravo Cleveland Plant!Whirlpool Corporation celebrates our Cleveland, TN employees, as the plant’s one millionth oven rolled off Assembly Line 10 at the premium cooking manufacturing plant this week. Dicky Walters, Senior Director of Operations proudly announced the millionth product as “a significant milestone off this line.” Line 10 runs a sophisticated multiple different model assembly, a newer paradigm in the manufacturing industry and utilized at Whirlpool Corporation’s Cleveland facility. Singles, doubles, and combination ovens with microwaves all run simultaneously on the line, satisfying consumer demand for product variety, and creating shorter lead times than traditional mass production lines. Our hard working men and women on the line are to be commended for supporting the advanced production and growth of our cooking products.

In 2012, Cleveland opened the doors to its 1.4 million square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and warehouse for the production of premium cooking products. Today, Whirlpool Corporation provides over 2,000 jobs in Cleveland, TN, helping to keep America strong.