This year, Whirlpool Corporation’s CEO Marc Bitzer became a Catalyst CEO Champion For Change signatory. More than 50 other global companies have entered into this program with Catalyst, a leading global nonprofit helping to build workplaces that work for women. The mission of Catalyst is to support diversity, inclusion, and gender equality at work.

Specific commitments made by member CEOs and the companies they lead include advancing the representation of women, including women of color in senior-level positions and on boards of directors over five years, and actively sponsoring a diverse group of women.

For the second year in a row, Catalyst CEO Champion For Change companies are proud to announce that they collectively have a higher representation of women in leadership positions at every level than their global peers—meaning more women board directors, executives, senior managers, and managers.

The organization hopes that by turning awareness into progress, they can go a long way toward creating workplaces that work for women and for everyone.

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