U.S. Government agrees that Samsung and LG dumped washers into the United States

news-case-July2016Today we achieved an important victory in our efforts to stop Samsung and LG’s serial dumping practices. The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) issued a preliminary antidumping ruling confirming that Samsung and LG are engaging in ongoing, unlawful dumping of clothes washers into the United States.

As a result of today’s DOC ruling, Samsung and LG are required to pay preliminary antidumping duties in the form of cash deposits on clothes washers exported to the U.S. from their production facilities in China:
Samsung     111.09 percent rate
LG                49.88 percent rate

What happens next

With the fines in place, the Commerce Department will continue its investigation and seek further information from the companies being investigated. Final antidumping determinations establishing final margins are expected in December 2016.

December 2016    U.S. Department of Commerce expected to release its final antidumping determination

January 2017       U.S. International Trade Commission expected to release its final determination regarding injury to the U.S. clothes washer industry caused by the dumped imports

January 2017       U.S. Department of Commerce expected to issue a final order based on Commerce Department’s and U.S. International Trade Commission’s final affirmative determinations

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